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Le Château des Aventuriers

Le château des Aventuriers (The Adventurers Castle), located in the Vendee, at 20 min from the campsite, is much more than just a castle. it is a place to visit, relax and above all of adventure.

En 2017, le Château des Aventuriers… un Monde d’Aventures avec :


Camping-Vendee-Le-Littoral-pack-sejour-chateau-des-aventuriers-002 THE PIRATES
A wonderful adventure with 20 game-riddles looking for a magic medallion.
Camping-Vendee-Le-Littoral-pack-sejour-chateau-des-aventuriers-003 DINOS & PREHISTORY
An interactive and pedagogic game trail. Meet dinosaurs, then the first men, their homes and real alignments of menhirs, menhirs from the Fourgon Forest.
Camping-Vendee-Le-Littoral-pack-sejour-chateau-des-aventuriers-004 THE CASTLE'S SECRETS
Inside the castle, a maximum of riddles have to be resolved, by using a smart-phone or tablet, to discover the secrets of the Castle!
2014-08-06-ohtourdumonde Oh! Tour around the world
Let your little adventurers, from 3 to 7 years old, travel to discover our planet. Experiences they will live together to discover the world!
Indoor visit of the Renaissance Castle
This entirely furnished castle is classified as 'Historical Monument'. Drawing room, living room, dining room, King's room, woodwork and cellars. Be guided through History.


Château des Aventuriers – Château de la Guignardière – 85440 Avrillé
Tél. 33 2 51 22 33 06 / Fax. 33 2 51 22 39 16