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ĂŽle d'Yeu

The Island of Yeu in a few words…

The Island of Yeu has become a complete island around 5000 BC and is located 17 km off the Vendee coast. It concentrates on its 23 km² emerged land a wide variety of landscapes: long beaches and coastal dunes fixed by softwood; a wild coastline with proud cliffs, embracing golden sandy coves; short grass moors where armorias grow; hollow roads crossing the valleys and skirting the cliffs; a grove with multiple plots where willows and blackthorns hide in the woods and low houses with tiled roofs and coloured blinds.

For a long time the island of Yeu was the first tuna port on the Atlantic coast, and it is still committed to fishing. On its docks we find bars, monk fish, sole, turbot, sea bream, hake and other species close to the noble shellfish.

The island has a population of 5000 inhabitants, of which 25% are younger than 25 years old. The Island of Yeu is a lively, friendly land, deeply marked by the call of the sea that captivates all those who love the sea and who one day have decided to drop the anchor here, even if it was just for a moment.
Like they say: “Oya two days, Oya always”