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The Islands in Vendée















Visite Vendée’s Islands from the Littoral ***** campsite.

Yeu Island

Take the boat from a Vendeen company in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie to travel to Yeu Island.
This Island is located 17km away from the Vendeen Coast.


On it’s 23km2 of emerged land, an amazing variety of landscapes are to admire: long beaches and seaside dunes ; wild coast with proud cliffs that covers coves of golden sands; hollow ways along the cliffs ; multifacets groves where you can admire low houses with colored shutters and tiled roofs.


Yeu has during a long time been the 1st Tuna port of the Atlantic Coast, it lives from fishing and see disembark on its docks : » bars », burbot, »soles », « turbots », breams, hakes. Highly marked by its maritime history, you will see many monuments : little harbors, highlights, tags…Take the time, by feet or with bikes, to discover the beauty of its natural sites : But’s Tip (North Tip next to the broches’ bight), Chatelet’s Tip et Sabias beach (next to Ker Chauvineau’s-wild coast hamlet), La Meule Harbor and the crows’ Tip.


Discover the Prehistorical sites : The little « Fradet’s » Dolmen, Ironing Puare’s Dolmen, Fras’ rock Stone. You will seearound the island a lot of Stones with evocative names : amporelles’ Stone, On the lookout dog, Bread and butter Stone, Soux’ Menhir. Different places to visit : the semaphore, the old Castle, the Citadel, and Pierre Levée’s Hood.


Let you get fascinated by this Island which is living, friendly, deeply marked by the call of the Ocean which envoute those who love the nature and who decided, one day, to stop by.

Noirmoutier’s Island

Cross the legendary « Gois »…
Submersible and unique in the world by its length, this Road is taken by low tide. 9 beacons act as a repere to the most reckless ones, who are trapped by the rising water. Key location for the fishermen : clams, oysters and shells.
The « Gois » is the major symbol of the Island.


Discover a preserved Island where it’s good to bike inside the salt marshes.
The salt marshes fill one third of the Island, on the cities of Noirmoutier and l’Epine.
The salt is reaped the old way. The Ocean water is running in a meticulously maintained canals and ponds connection, until the eyelet.


A tasty Island where you savor products and landscapes the same way.
Between Land and see, enjoy the savours of Noirmoutier Island : potatoes from the Island, salt, sea salt flowers and samphire, oysters and shells…


Prepare your trip to Mimosas’ Island, with an exceptional microclimate, a real paradise for the nature lovers…From the Littoral, you can explore the amazing Islands of the Atlantic Coast Vendée.

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